What Gardening Tools Beginners Should Buy?

Beginners get overboard when buying gardening tools. Not only will it cost a lot of money but it could eventually eat up a lot of space. To guide you through the process of shopping for gardening tools, we come up with a list of some of the must-have tools for beginners. These are the following:

1.     Working gloves/garden gloves – as you work in your garden, your hands get exposed to a lot of things including thorns and splints. The ideal gloves to choose should have the following characteristics:

  • Highly durable
  • Not too bulky
  • Fits perfectly
  • Made from breathable and water-resistant fabric
  • Long cuffs to protect not just the hands but the wrist and forearm too.

 2. secateurs/pruning shears – choose a pruning shear that is made from high-quality materials. There are various types of shears to choose from. They are the following:

  • anvil pruners – for cutting dead woods.
  • Bypass pruners – for cutting live plants and green wood.
  • Ratcheting pruner – it is perfect for people with reduced hand strength.
  • Loppers – they are long-handled pruners used to trim hard to reach areas.

3. Garden fork – It is used to turn the soil and has the ability to dig into dense soil. There are different variations to choose from.

  • Slight curve – It is used to scoop mulch and turn compost piles.
  • Straight tines – It is used for digging soil, especially rock and compact soil as well as clay soil.
  • Square tines – It easily bends when get in contact with root or a rock.

4. spade – It is a short-handled square shovel used for digging holes for plants. It is also used to move a small mound of dirt from one place to another. When buying a spade, make sure you choose the one made from stainless steel as it is strong and rust-resistant.

5. hand trowel – It is a must-have hand tool as it is useful for transplanting bedding plants and herbs. It is also used to take out weeds. 

6. Rake – It is used to whisk away leaves and debris. For beginners, buy the standard leaf rake.

7. Hoe – If you are growing a veggie garden, you should buy a sturdy wide hoe. On the other hand, if you are growing a perennial garden, buy a hoe that is thinner, long reach, and comfortable handle. 

  • Weeding hoes/Hula – It has an open square head and can be pushed back and forth under the surface of the soil.
  • Flat hoes – It is used to turn the soil in rows in a vegetable garden.

8.     Garden Hose – Watering your garden is a must and so it is important to include garden hose in your list of garden tools. Choose a garden hose with an adjustable nozzle so that you can reach every area of your garden.9.     Watering can – As much as possible, you should choose a watering can made from metal. It is more expensive than the plastic one but it will last for a very long time.

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Why You Should Shop Online

Online shopping is a thing of today. A lot of shoppers prefer to shop online over visiting a traditional brick and mortar stores. You cannot blame them though as shopping online brings a lot of advantages. We will discuss them below.


One of the reasons why many shoppers prefer to shop online is the price. Online shopping sites offer lower prices than traditional shopping centers. Who does not want to save money? You can significantly reduce your monthly shopping expenses by shopping online.

The reason for their affordable price is the fact that they don’t need to hire more workers to do the selling. They don’t need to rent or lease. They don’t need to worry about the utility bills. Basically, the saving is passed on to consumers.

There are many online shopping sites and their prices vary. With just a few clicks, you can easily compare the prices. Whether you’re shopping for Nike shoes, school supplies, or even home decor items, chances are you’ll find a quality product that fits your budget.

Saving Options

shopping online enables you to save more. How? Well, shopping sites have their way of helping you save when doing your purchase such as online coupons and discounts. It takes a bit of research to find coupons and special offers, but it certainly is worth the work.


When you shop at traditional brick and mortar stores, the items you can find are limited. You need to visit other stores to get what you want. This does not need to happen if you shop online. Online shopping sites have a variety of things to offer to all types of shoppers.

If you are in search of something, all you need to do is to type in the name of the product you are looking for in the search engine and you will be bombarded with a lot of choices. You will find different merchants with a varying price range.

If you want detail information about the product, then click the merchant’s site and you will surely find what you are looking for in just a few clicks.

Convenience & Comfort

Shopping anywhere and anytime is the primary reason why a lot of people love shopping online. Isn’t it amazing to shop right in the comfort of your home? Online shopping is just perfect for everyone – for workers who do not have the luxury of time to shop at traditional brick and mortar stores, for elderly who don’t have the strength to drive to the mall, or for someone who does not like the idea of being stuck in a traffic jam.

Whatever your reasons are, shopping online is just the way to go. All you need is a computer or a smartphone and a reliable internet connection.

Saves Time

Shopping online will not only let you save energy but it also helps you save time. You don’t need to go to one shop to another just to compare the quality and price of an item.

With online shopping, you can visit numerous stores without having to leave your home. Well, searching online does take time too but not as much as shopping in traditional brick and mortar stores.

Safety Tips When Shopping Online

Shopping online is a common thing.   Many people prefer to shop online than to go to the brick and mortar stores.

Although shopping online comes with a lot of advantages, it has caught the attention of ill doers such as cyber criminals.

There are phishing scams that steal your personal and financial information. There are also bogus sellers. Which is why it is important to practice caution when shopping online.

Below are some of the important measures you can practice when shopping online.

Use Your Credit Card

There are two basic cards used for online shopping – credit card and debit card. When it comes to fraudulent protection, credit card offers more security. When it comes to debit card, the money is withdrawn directly from your available cash balance.

So, when someone use your card details without your permission, the money is taken out directly from your account. On the other hand, when your credit card is used without your permission, you can always file a dispute. The bank can withhold the payment while they are doing their investigation.

Don’t Share Credit Card Info

Be wary with online retailers that require you to put your credit card information after your transaction. Doing so puts your financial information at risk. Never ever put your financial information online. If someone sent an email or phone you asking for your credit card information, do not give it away.

Use Authentication for Shopping Online

When doing transactions online, you should enable 2 factor authentication for added protection. It will alert you in case of fraudulent tractions that are about to take place.

Clear Your Cache

The web browser has a default autocomplete feature. To protect your personal and financial information, you should disable this feature. Every web browser has a different way of disabling the autocomplete feature. Do some research online to learn how to disable such web browser features.

Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks are unsecured connections. Cyber criminals can easily capture your information including financial information. If you are outside and you need to do some sort of a financial transaction, it is better to use your mobile data than connecting to public Wi-Fi.

Be Aware of Fraudulent Websites

cyber criminals are very smart. They always have ways to fool you. They trick shoppers by creating websites similar to some of the popular shopping sites. To avoid being a victim of criminals, you should carefully check the web address. If the web address looks suspicious such as wrong spelling or font error, then it probably is a bogus site. Also, check for too good to be true offers. As the lie goes, if it is too good to be true, then doubt.

Shopping online can be fun and convenient but only if you know how to protect yourself from fraud. It is easy to be fall a victim of fraud if you don’t employ all the necessary safety measures. Follow the tips mentioned above to have an added protection when shopping online.

How To Shop For Chic and Stylish Look

Tired of following that old boring routine and style statement? Want to get a new makeover that leaves every other person around you in awe. Well, fear not as here are some tips for, and your wardrobe gives you just what you want!

Here’s the thing everyone out there wants to look great and feel confident. I mean in this age of fashion and design, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and every girl wants her compliments or just wants to feel satisfied with herself. Hence, for those damsels in distress here and 6 ways to shop for a chic and stylish look.

1.   Redesign and Assemble

You must first set a track of all your items in your wardrobe what’s old what’s new and what should be thrown far away. Redesign your wardrobe, donate what you don’t want and that which is no longer in use. This will make your wardrobe fresh and new and, will give you the idea of what you really need.

2.   Buy what you love

Now step out of your house and go on a wild hunt for the clothes you love. They don’t always have to be from specific brands, you can always find great stuff at cheap marketplaces and buy only what you love as we all know what suits us the best. Also search for new trends from fashion magazines and Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Try buying stuff that is not only for a single season so you can reuse it.

3.   Color palette and Accessories

It is suggested that no more than three-color scheme is best for deciding color palettes for your clothes. You can either go all black or white or can pull out some splendid contrast palettes. To polish your style further add a touch of jewelry or nail paints and how can we forget a perfect pair of shoes according to the right occasion. Shoes you wear should always be the most comfortable ones.

4.   DIYs

You don’t need to always spend your money on all the expensive jewelry or shirts that have this unique style that matches yours except sometimes. Try DIYs I assure you they can get you what you want but at a lesser cost plus holding that unique element of yours. Try recreating your own fashion statement or accessories.

5.   Make your own Style statement

Well, don’t they say that a person knows himself the best? The things you love adds a glow to your personality and try doing experiments. Don’t overdo it, stay classy, try to get the most out of the simplest things. Prepare your clothes before time and always make a spare.

Try making your own combos.

6.    Buy the right clothes for the right occasion and time

It’s always best to check the weather before you buy your clothes for an event like on a rainy day don’t go wearing all white, try wearing something that doesn’t get wet easily. Similarly, note the occasion as to if it’s a picnic in the spring or a party at night.